Know 20 Facts about RAMZAN EID 2018;Thing you might not know

20 Facts about RAMZAN EID 2018 – Ramzan is one of the most popular religious festivals for the Muslim community. Ramzan signifies a period of fasting during the day – giving up eating, drinking any fluid. Fasting in this context means abstaining from consuming food, drinking alcohol, sex or speaking ill of others.

Wish you Happy RAMZAN EID 2018!

It’s enlightening to know important Ramzan facts. Even if you don’t belong to the Muslim community, knowing the facts would be a kind of positive gesture of harmony.


Why does Ramzan date change every year?

Muslims go according to a lunar calendar with regard to religious matters. It is based on the phases of the moon and has 354 days – 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. Every year, the year goes back by 11 days. Thus, year after year, it shifts backward, the season changes accordingly. Thus, the first day of the Ramzan, which is the 9th of the Islamic lunar calendar moves by nearly 11 days back next year.

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Why is Ramzan observed?

Ramzan is a holy month meant for offering prayers and fasting. During this month, the prophet Muhammad got the Quran from Allah. Ramzan is said to improve the morality and character of people.

What customs do I need to follow as a Muslim?

The customs include fasting during the day – you’re not expected to consume via your mouth until sunset. To reach close to Allah, you must perform extra prayers.

What is the significance of fasting in Ramzan?

Ramzan fasting signifies spiritual and social dimensions.  It reminds us of the human nature and your dependence on God for sustenance, to show the feeling when you are hungry and thirsty and you feel compassion for the poor, and destroy the distractions to enable to focus on God.

When is RAMZAN EID 2018 going to be in India?

In India, Eid is going to be on the evening of 14 June and going to end on Friday 15 June.

What is RAMZAN EID 2018 timing?

In 2018, on or about Thursday, 07 July as per the sight of the moon, Muslims will observe Eid al–Fitr.

Which parts of the world observe Ramzan festival?

Ramzan festival is the most important observed by over a billion Muslims across the world.

What is Eid al-Fitr?

Eid al-Fitr means festival of the breaking of the fast or the feast of fast-breaking. Generally, the festival goes on for three days, but it depends on the calendar, the parties and the festival could last much longer. If the three days happen to fall in the middle of the week many Muslims will still continue to celebrate the festival.

What are the two important celebrations of Eid?

Eid al-Fitr is one of the two important celebrations in Eid and the other being Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice of Great Eid).

Do all need to follow Ramazan fasting?

Absolutely not. Pregnant women, the elderly, diabetics are not expected of fasting during Ramzan because of their vulnerable health condition.

What is the difference between Muslim and standard calendars?

The Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles in contrast to the Gregorian calendar based to on the solar cycle. New months in Muslim calendar start on every new moon. The average amount of time when the new moon appears is 29.53 days. Ramzan dating changes because its determination is according to the lunar calendar.

How will you make Ramzan wishes?

The common Ramzan wishes include Eid Mubarak, which literally means Have a blessed Eid. If you’re a non-Muslim and are going to greet them, say happy Ramada or happy Eidal-Fitr.

However, if you want to make it more impactful, says Ramzan/Eid Kareem, which literally means have a generous Ramadan/Eid.

How is Ramzan concluded?

Muslims will gather at the mosque to offer prayers before they spend the time with family/friends and wish one another Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid.

What is iftaar?

In iftaar, family and friends gather at post-sunset to end their fast. Literally iftaar means to breakfast.

When does fasting begin?

Every day in the morning before sunrise, Muslims consume a pre-fast meal known as suhour, and thus starts their work-schedule.

Are non-Muslims expected of fasting?

While Muslims don’t mind if non-Muslims don’t fast, it’s the matter of showing respect and solidarity and following the etiquette when it comes to personal interaction.

What is the number of working hours during Ramzan?

The number of hours of work is lessened by two hours.

Why is Saudi Arabia so important?

Makkah is said as the holiest city in Islam located in Saudi Arabia.

What if I miss the fast today?

You need to make it up before the following Ramzan’s beginning.

If not fasting, what can I consume?

You can eat, drink foods you like in the privacy of your home.

For the Muslim community, Ramzan is a holy month and dedicated to prayer and fasting. During the month, every Muslim wishes his brethren and all around to grow healthy and lead a prosperous life.





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