Diwali Decoration Ideas That You Must Try!

Yey! This year’s Diwali is almost arriving. Have you thought of how to celebrate it? Keeping the environmental issues and the pollution issues, everyone these days prefers a noise-free Diwali. The meaning of Diwali is the arrangement of lights. So, let us see a few ideas on how we make this Diwali decoration ideas working.


Diwali Decoration Ideas at Home: Home sweet home! There are many ways to decorate our homes. You can draw a beautiful rangoli and colour it with bright and good colour combinations. Decorate the entrance of your home with large flowers garlands and hang them on both sides to give a luxurious and traditional feel. You can light a big diyas at the entrance. Also, we can arrange a Ganesh idol, with either side’s diyas. For traditional Diwali Decoration, you can hang the mango leaves on each side of the entrance of your home.

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Every room and every corner of the premise is to be decorated to feel the festive vibes. Diwali Decoration in the living room makes a lot of difference. You can arrange a copper vessel with water, drop in a few beautiful flowers and a few floating candle type of diyas in the vessel. It looks so amazing, and you will receive compliments for the same.


Diwali decorations in schools are a must because children should understand the importance of our culture and the meaning of the festival. Make sure that there no much risk of lighting the diyas. You can ask them to draw or paint the theme of the Diwali festival, in this way they will also participate and will be able to enjoy better.


At Diwali office decoration also, you can plan something new and different. You cannot spend hours spending the festival at home. You can try for a small electrical diyas which are readily available in the market. You can decorate your cubicle or cabin with small flowers. The best to do is, you can plan for an ethnic dress style depending on your own interest. You can also get freshly home cooked dishes and share with all.

By following above mentioned Diwali decorative ideas, you can make a huge difference. Even the simple things you do can result in a significant change. You can spread positive vibes and happiness to people around you. Have a Happy Diwali 2018.




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