liquor seized in Visakhapatnam

17.5crore worth liquor seized in Visakhapatnam | Details here

Liquor seized in Visakhapatnam  – The month of March has captured not one or two but a total of 4500 cases of illegal .

Here is the entire story –

► Around five lakh liters that is 17.5crore worth liquor seized in Visakhapatnam yesterday by the concerned authorities.

► It is indeed not the first such incident that came into the picture in recent days.  Mr. Mukesh Meena, Excise Commissioner while speaking with the media persons, shared that around 4500 such cases have been booked over this month.

► He further added, there will be no extra supply of liquor which means supply will be equal compared to the last year. It is anticipated that the liquor supply might be 2.5% less than that of the previous year.

► Yet 450 complaints along with 280 liquor cases on calls were received by the Command and Control Center.

Remember – Having more than six bottles of liquor might take you behind bars.

These kinds of incidents considering liquor seized in Visakhapatnam should not be appreciated.

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We respect the initiatives being taken by the concerned authorities.

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