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One fan died due to sudden stampede in Pawan Kalyan’s Meeting

Jan Sena held a meeting for Pawan Kalyan (President of Jan Sena) on March 29 which resulted in the death of one of his fans.

Here is the entire story –

► A young auto driver name Siraj (30-year-old) took part in the Jan Sena meeting died due to a sudden stampede.

► Around 10,000 people participated in the meeting that was organized at Srinivasnagar center. (The venue was barely sufficient for such a huge crowd.)

► The incident took place when the Jan Sena President Pawan Kalyan entered the venue which simultaneously excited the crowd, and within no time, sudden stampede exploded.

► In the intervening time, the rods placed for the loudspeaker fell down creating a panic atmosphere all around.

► It is assumed that fan (Siraj) fell in the stampede and hence was trampled badly. He was then immediately rushed to the nearby hospital where he died going through the medical treatment.

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It is an unfortunate incident, and hence one should be extra cautious while participating in such political events.

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