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Tik Tik Tik – India’s First Space Thriller Film| A Must Watch Film

Tik Tik Tik; All About The Movie

Tik Tik Tik have you heard about this movie, no right? This movie is India’s first Space thriller film that is grabbing audience’s attention all around the country for its remarkable graphics and storyline. Let us share a quick bit of the story – Tik Tik Tik as the name replicates is about the countdown. A team is sent to space by the concerned department to impede the asteroid which is running rapidly towards our country, especially Chennai. If it attacks the city, the life of around four crore people will come in danger. The overall time the team has to finish the task is only 7 days. To know what happened and how the asteroid was stopped or did the team succeeded in their mission or not, watch out the movie.

Here are some information about the movie Tik Tik Tik

Previous release date 26th January 2018 – Due to the industry strike and some other issues the release date got postponed, while it is never late for a big thing to come in motion.

  • Release Date – 22nd June 2018
  • Language- Tamil
  • Director – Shakti Sounder Rajan
  • Actor –Jayam Ravi
  • Music director – D. Imman
  • Producer – Hitesh Jhabak

Here is the Trailer of Tik Tik Tik plus we are sure you will find all the reasons to book the tickets at this moment only.

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Shakti Sounder Rajan is acknowledged to do divergent movies and has shown his talent in his former movies like Naanayam and Naaigal Jaakirathai. But with this movie, he has taken the cinema to an extended level. It is not only the achievement of Tamil movies but for the country as well. Directors like Shakti Sounder Rajan make us proud and bring in motivation for the young and aspiring directors.

Tik Tik Tik is a visual retreat and the credit further goes to the actors and the team involved in making the film a successful and meaningful project. This movie is the second collaboration of the talented actor Jayam Ravi and the director Shakti Sounder Rajan. In this movie, we are going to see the debut of Jayam Ravi’s son Aarav who is just eight years old.

Watch out the movie in your nearest theaters today itself or else you are going to miss an amazing experience. Remember if you really want to enjoy this movie then don’t wait for it to come on your television someday.


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