Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day – Watch These Bollywood Movies Today

Happy Teacher’s Day – This day is celebrated to show respect and thank the teachers for all they have done in our life. We all have one favourite teacher whom we still remember. Unlike teachers, our Bollywood movies have also taught us various lessons. Here we discuss some of the best Bollywood movies that one […]

anushka sharma news

Anushka Sharma’s take on cleanliness could have been managed graciously!

Anushka Sharma’s take on cleanliness There is a strong buzz about Anushka Sharma scolding a person littering on road. Though there are many assumptions with regard to this news and already Twitter has been divided into two halves. As a result, we decided to throw some light on this overall Anushka Sharma news. To be […]


Sridevi – You Left Too Soon; Will Miss You Always|Unibyc.com

Sridevi The Lady Amitabh Bachchan! Sridevi was India’s first female superstar and also the highest paid actress of her time. This is enough to understand the range of fame and popularity she had. Whereas, the saddest part of the hour is that this dancing diva left us shockingly on 24th February 2018. Like everyone else, […]