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Why Nikhil Chinapa wear dark glasses? Style or something else

Nikhil Chinapa is not an unknown name, especially among youth. He rose to fame with MTV roadies and many other successful shows. His personality, aura, and attitude together make him a successful and admiring personality. We all know much about his profession. And the same is not the topic here while we are going to discuss something different with you today.

Have you ever wondered as for why he is always seen wearing glasses? Some of you might be thinking that it might be his style statement right? But this is not the reality.


Nikhil chinapa revealed from his recent tweets about the reason behind wearing dark glasses all the time. Let us share the original tweet with you for better understanding.



Yes, this brave man is suffering from thyroid which has resulted in the swelling of muscles around his eyes. And this is the ultimate reason why he is seen wearing glasses.



We pray for his well being and fast recovery. While not to forget, dark glasses makes him look ravishing, and there is no doubt that he is among the most charming TV personalities we have now. Hope to see him well really soon!


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