M.S. Dhoni fined with 50 percent of his IPL match fees

Why was Dhoni punished with IPL match fee cut by half?

M.S. Dhoni is known for his calm behaviour that he carries even in all of his matches. It is the reason he has been named as Captain Cool. But what made IPL Authorities to cut Dhoni’s fee by half. M.S. Dhoni fined with half of his IPL match fees. Here is the entire story –

  • The IPL match was scheduled between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals and was organized in Jaipur.
  • During the last over Chennai Super Kings needed 18 runs to win the match against Rajasthan Royals.
  • In the last over, during the third ball, Dhoni got out, and then the last ball came into the action.
  • As per the sources, the ball was thrown as Full toss with a view to throw Yorker and thus was above the height.
  • Umpire raised his hands declaring it no ball followed by the siren. While the leg umpire Gandhe did not give any sign for no-ball which made Dhoni angry and he began to show angrily gesture on the umpire.
  • After understanding the technicalities and rules, Dhoni was convinced and left to his place.
  • It was the reason as for why M.S. Dhoni fined with half of his IPL match fees.
  • The angry gesture of M.S. Dhoni against the leg umpire Gandhe breached the IPL Code of Conduct, and he was charged by the level 2 offense 2.20.
  • S. Dhoni accepted the fee deduction and the sanction.

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