Visakhapatnam schools raises fee by 20% to 100%.

Visakhapatnam school raises the fee by 20% to 100%

Are you planning to enrol your kids in Visakhapatnam schools then you must go through this story where some of the Visakhapatnam school are raising the fees by 20% to 100%.

Here is the entire story-

  • Timpany Senior School has come with fees hike by 20% to 100% for the coming academic year in the name of quality education and high-class infrastructures.


  • The sudden rise of school fees has resulted in turbulence among the parents.


  • Parents were seen protesting against the fees hike by Visakhapatnam’s one of the most reputed and trusted schools.


  • Approximately 200 parents were gathered in the Timpany Senior School protesting against the fee hike yesterday.


  • According to the sources, there is a compulsion to buy costly shoe kit as well.


  • According to the sources, the school’s by-monthly fee has been increased from 4000Rs. to 8000Rs. even for the class I students.


  • Later the principle of Timpany Senior School Vandana Abraham accepted the request over the shoes, and it was removed.


  • The arbitrary hike of the school fees by the Visakhapatnam school was brought into the notice of concerned authorities while no steady decisions are taken until now.

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We are living in a country where education is a non-profitable business. Also, as per the Right to Education Act, charging high rates in the name of school fees is against child rights.

It is necessary to take strict action against such a fee hike from any school. There should be proper law or regulatory fee system to monitor the fee structure of all the schools.

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