fire cracker explosion in Visakhapatnam

Two found dead in fire cracker explosion in Visakhapatnam |

An unpleasant incident of fire cracker explosion in Visakhapatnam took place yesterday.

Here are the important points about it –

  • The incident took place on 25th of Monday 2019 where a fire explosion took place resulting in critical injuries to seven people from the same family.


  • The time of the blast as stated by the police was 10:45 am. Two among the seven members died, and the rest of the five are suffering from injuries.


  • This fire cracker explosion in Visakhapatnam took place at Bholokamamba Fireworks which is an illegal fire unit.


  • It is not the first incident of fire cracker explosion in Visakhapatnam as a similar incident happened in the year 2012. The common thing between these two fire cracker explosions is that they both were reported from the same unit itself that is Bholokamamba Fireworks in which three people died out of significant burns.


  • The persons who suffered the blast were admitted to KGH Hospital.


  • The certificate of the fire manufacturing unit was expired in 2013 which is revealed in the initial investigation and was run illegally. The owner of the manufacturing unit was arrested under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code, Section 3 & 5 Explosive Substances Act.

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