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People found luring the voters in Visakhapatnam| Unibyc

The time of election is daunting as every party is trying their best to convince the voters at large. But out of nowhere, we come up with instances of illegal methods to grab vote banks. A similar incident took place here in Visakhapatnam where local and YSR activists found three-person distributing cash to attract voters.

Here is the entire story –

  • Three to four persons were seen luring the voters with cash were held under the custody by Chinna Waltair police.
  • The incident took place in the Janda Street where these persons were roaming with an intention to grab the voters by means of cash.
  • By the time they came in contact with the YSR Congress activities, the entire incident had come into the vicinity.
  • 30lakhs Rs. were found from the spot which was brought with an objective to hold the voters.
  • The YSR Congress activities handed over these persons to the nearby police station.
  • One out of three persons distributing cash ran away from the spot. Among rest, two were released, and one is under the custody for further legal proceedings.

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This act of these three persons distributing cash in Visakhapatnam is definitely against the law and morality. What is your opinion over it?

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