Nirav mod arrested

Nirav Modi’s Arrested in London today|Details Here|

Nirav Modi’s got arrested after London Court has issued the arrest warrant beforedate.
Yes, you heard it right London Court issued Nirav Modi’s Arrest warrant; here are the important details about the news and all related facts that you should know –

Highlights of Nirav Modi’s Arrest 

  • The arrest warrant was issued by London Court for Nirav Modi
  • The request was made by ED intending to his extradition in the respective money laundering case.
  • Nirav Modi is among the main accused who is responsible for 2billion $ PNB fraud. , and the investigating agency was informed about the Nirav Modi’s Arrest warrant being issued.
  • It was being expected that Nirav Modi’s arrest will be executed soon.
  • The request was made by ED intending to his extradition in the respective money laundering case.
  • For further legal proceeding and also to secure the bail Nirav Modi will be brought to the court in the coming days with respect to Nirav Modi’s Arrest.

Recently we also came across a video where Nirav Modi was seen walking down the streets of London, and one reporter was trying to ask questions as well.

It is being said that he is staying in a lavish apartment in one of the posh apartment of London West End which is around 8 Millon pounds and planning to start a new diamond business. The rent of the building in which Nirav Modi is staying is around 17000 pounds per month.

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Well, Nirav Modi’s Arrest is a good step and hope to see him go through the legal proceedings as the fraud done by him is something that cannot be digestible. Let us know your take on this action taken by the London court in the comment section.


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