Lord Krishna’s Birthday is here; 15 unknown facts of Janmashtmi.

As we all know that Janmashtami is celebrated as Lord Krishna’s birthday. The entire country rejoices it with utter devotion and trust. There are many certain facts that we are still not aware of this holy festival. Let us know what they are and why this festival so important?

First of all, let us share some significant information about Janmashtami –

Date of Janmashtami – 2nd September (Sunday) – Date may vary.

Time of Janmashtami Celebration – 11:57 pm to 12; 43 am

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  • Among all the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is considered as the most prevailing and popular one.
  • Lord Krishna is also known as Kanha, Chabila, Madhav, Murari and more.
  • In total there are 108 names of Lord Krishna.
  • Lord Krishna was born from Devaki and was raised by Yashoda.
  • Janmashtmi is also known as Krishna Janmashtmi,Krishna Ashtmi, Ashtmi Rohini, Saatam Aatham and Srikrishna Ashtmi.
  • The celebration of Janmashtami starts at midnight on the eighth day of Krishnapaksha as it is believed Lord Krishna has taken birth during this time.
  • Janmashtami mostly comes in the month of August or September.
  • Lord Krishna was born in Mathura and the festival of Janmashtami is celebrated here in a grandeur manner.
  • Janmashtami is celebrated all over the country and is most popular in northern India. But the fact is that this festival is celebrated all over the world in its own manner.
  • On this day devotees spend their time by holding fast (vrat), listening to the stories of Lord Krishna and also playing games. It is all about happiness.
  • Some people also sing Happy Birthday Lord Krishna and cut the cake as well.
  • This day is also known as Dahi- handi and is celebrated in Mumbai and over Maharashtra with loads of energy. Many Bollywood actors take part in this.
  • There are millions of stories that we are still not aware of Lord Krishna. On this day people enact these stories and dance all overnight. The celebration and enthusiasm start way before.
  • On this day Krishna is served with 56 different items of food that is also known as Chappan Bhog.
  • Do you want to know what are dishes prepared in it then take a look – fruits, pickles, panjeeri, rabri, jalebi, mishri, makhan, kheer, rasgulla, snacks, dry-fruits and the list goes on. Further, there are many other categories added in the bhog too. Mostly the dishes with milk are prepared as we all know Lord Krishna was very fond of Milk.

So what are your plans for this day? Share your experience and plans with us and let us know other facts if we missed any.



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