car blast in Jammu Kashmir

CRPF bus got damaged after a car blast in Jammu and Kashmir

A blast has been reported on the Jammu and Kashmir National highway near the CRPF convoy.

Here is the entire story of a car blast in Jammu Kashmir.

► The incident took place in the Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir.

► The car blast in Jammu Kashmir was a result of cylinder explosion in the car (Santro). The occupant of the car has escaped later the explosion.

► As per the sources, the CRPF convoy was at an approximate distance from the blast and the time of the explosion was 10; 30 am today.

► Materials found on the spot of the explosion were – oil bottles, urea, LPG cylinders (2) and urea.

► No casualty was reported from the car blast in Jammu Kashmir, but the CRPF vehicle was partially damaged though the car was completely destroyed.

► Car blast in Jammu Kashmir National highway resulted in partial damages to the CRPF bus.

► As per the CRPF sources, the blast does not seem to be a terror attack as no link came into the prospects. But the necessary investigation has been started by the respective authorities.

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We hope well being of all!

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