three-person distributing cash

People found luring the voters in Visakhapatnam| Unibyc

The time of election is daunting as every party is trying their best to convince the voters at large. But out of nowhere, we come up with instances of illegal methods to grab vote banks. A similar incident took place here in Visakhapatnam where local and YSR activists found three-person distributing cash to attract voters. […]

Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha 2019

A quick look at BJP and Congress candidates for Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha 2019

The buzz of election is at its height, and we all are willing to know about the candidates who are going to represent from Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha 2019. Congress and BJP both have announced candidates for the assembly seats form Visakhapatnam. BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) – Daggubati Purandeswari is going to be standing from Visakhapatnam […]

Party list of 2019 at Vizag_ Book Your Tickets now

Party list of 2019 at Vizag| Book Your Tickets now|

Want to know the Party list of 2019 at Vizag? 2018 is all set to say Goodbye, leaving behind loads of memories. So, why not celebrate the going year with love and welcome the coming year with a bang. Are you planning to go out for a party this news year night? I am sure you […]

Restaurants of Vizag found serving stale food

Restaurants of Vizag found serving stale food

Restaurants of Vizag found serving stale food – Food safety is one of the important criteria that every restaurant owners need to follow at all the level. Despite so many rules, regulations and investigations going on, there are few restaurants that are still serving stale food. Here we are going to disclose the name of […]